FKI Board

The Free Knowledge Institute current board is composed of: Wouter Tebbens (president), Hinde ten Berge (treasurer) and David Jacovkis (secretary) and Marco Fioretti.


Wouter Tebbens Wouter Tebbens is co-founder and serves currently as president of the Free Knowledge Institute. Between 2006 and 2008 he was coordinator of the European Commission's FP6-funded SELF Project. From 2008 onwards he led the Free Technology Academy. He achieved a Master of Science in Production and Operations Management at the University of Twente (Netherlands). He has worked in various functions in Europe, Argentina and Spain. In 2002 he founded the company offering services based on free software to SME companies. Between 2004 and 2007 he presided the working group on Free/Libre/Open Source Software at Internet Society Netherlands.

Wouter is particularly intererested in social changes that come along with new technologies. Core values are: participation, access to knowledge, transparency, sustainability and social inclusion. Related to that he sees for the knowledge society the following essential building blocks: copyleft, free knowledge, open communities, open access, peer production processes, commons governance, privacy.

See his personal website for his work as consultant in topics related to Free Software and Free Knowledge and in particular OpenERP.
David Jacovkis David Jacovkis is co-founder of the Free Knowledge Institute and responsible for its IT infrastructure. He studied Physics in the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB), and achieved Master degrees in Materials Science (UAB) and in Free Software in the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC). He has over ten years experience in systems engineering using Free Software, working as IT manager and freelance consultant for several organisations. He is also a lecturer at the UOC's Master Degree on Free Software. He has worked in several international projects related to the use of Free Software in education. He currently coordinates the technical aspects of the Free Technology Academy and collaborates with several other teams.
Hinde ten Berge

Hinde ten Berge is co-founder of the Free Knowledge Institute and is responsible for the financial management and coordination of the Free Technology Academy. In '06-'08 she was the coordinator in The Netherlands of the SELF Project. Prior to that, Hinde was a member of the Tactical Technology Collective and coordinated regional and continental training events in Asia and Africa designed to facilitate information handling for NGOs using Free Software. From '98 to '08 she also worked with the International Financial Cryptography Association, formed to advance the theory and practice of financial cryptography and related fields. Since 1997 she is engaged in the cutting edge of computer and information technology and its implications on society.

Marco Fioretti

Marco Fioretti is a freelance writer, popularizer, activist and teacher specialized in open digital standards, Free Software, digital technologies and their impacts on education, ethics, civil rights, environmental issues and, in general, everyday life. His slogan is "your civil rights and the quality of your life depend on how software is used AROUND you". Marco has been using Free Software daily for all his activities since the mid 90's, when he was an ASIC and FPGA designer.

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