Invitation to sign the DiDIY Creative Society Manifesto

(this text was originally published by the DiDIY Project. We partially republish it here, because the DiDIY Manifesto is very in line with the FKI founding principles, and we therefore invite everybody to sign it! (see privacy information below))

On the Catalan Referendum and Digital Rights

Declaration by Free Knowledge Institute about the recent events in Catalonia.

Whether or not one agrees with the possibility of independence of a region within Europe, we consider that fundamental rights were breached in the brutal crackdown of the Catalan Referendum.

Meet FKI at the Digital DIY Final Conference!

As you probably already know, FKI is one of the partners of the EU H2020 research project called "DiDIY (Digital DIY)". This important work, which among other things provided us with some of the bases for other current initiatives like Comunificadora, FemProComuns and The Things Network, is now coming to an end. Therefore, we'd love to share the results with you all at the DiDIY Final Conference, on June 22nd in Milan, Italy. Details and link to free registrations are below.

Policy Recommendations For Sustaining Community Networks

Open letter to EU policy makers on community networks - joint press release

March 16th, 2017: Today, more than 25 European Community Networks, joined by over 35 supporting organizations from around the world, are sending an open letter to EU policy-makers. At a time when the European Union is paving the way for a major reform of telecommunications policy, the letter makes a number of recommendations to ensure the continuous development of these citizen initiatives, which provide an alternative, democratic and sustainable way to manage telecom infrastructures and meet the goals of broadband policies.

Alternatives to Mobile World Congress

This year, the Mobile World Congress (MWC17) and its associated activities (MWB, 4YFN, Yomo) took place in Barcelona between 22 February and 4 March. For a few days, the city is taken over by large telecommunications corporations, which use it to showcase their products as marvels of technological progress. However, since 2016, every year during the MWC, several congresses and activities,... (ESPAÑOL - CATALÀ)

DIY for expanding the Commons Collaborative Economy

There are a growing number of initiatives supporting entrepreneurial projects to explore the viability of a commons collaborative economy. In January La Comunificadora programme, closed its first experience in Barcelona (co-produced by Platoniq, Foundation Goteo, the Free Knowledge Institute), looking at the social impact of the Commons Collaborative Economy and... (ESPAÑOL - CATALÀ)

La Comunificadora: The Story Continues

La Comunificadora programme, at Barcelona Activa, jointly managed by Free Knowledge Institute (FKI), Platoniq and Goteo has reached the end of its first phase, but the story continues. The final Meetup was held on 27 January at MediaTIC building, and attended by leaders of the fifteen projects, tutors and mentors. (ESPAÑOL- CATALÀ)

Smart City Barcelona Commons Report

In early 2016, the Barcelona City Council commissioned us to write a report to, "develop a strategic vision of the knowledge society that facilitates citizen empowerment through technology". To this end, we prepared a report diagnosing the main problems, objectives and actions in the following areas: software, telecommunications networks, physical products (including the world of makers and open design, R&D centres, and waste and circular economy), collaborative consumption, and commerce, energy and mobility. (ESPAÑOL - CATALÀ)

Let’s Communify the Collaborative Economy!

Fifteen projects have been taking part in the La Comunificadora programme at Barcelona Activa, since mid-November. They are exploring the viability of a collaborative economy which considers the commons, looks at the social impact and seeks to establish fair relationships among agents.    ESPAÑOL-CATALÀ)

Collaborative Economy, Principles and Case Studies

Last week the new collaborative economy support programme, La Comunificadora (the “Commons Makery”), was launched at an open session in the Convent de Sant Agustí (Barcelona). Several projects with the potential to participate in the support programme were presented... (ESPAÑOL - CATALÀ)