Building a Shared Free Technology Master Curriculum

As you may know the Free Knowledge Institute seeks to advance the sharing of knowledge and take away technical, social and legal impediments. One of our core activities lies in education and over the last years we have established a network of universities and specialised groups working together in offering master level courses online through the Free Technology Academy.

Crida a l\'acció: memorandum (il·legal) per al President/tornen els oXcars

El Primer Fòrum Internacional de Cultura Lliure tindrà lloc a Barcelona del 29 d'Octubre l'1 de Novembre de 2009. Aquest esdeveniment reunirà les principals organitzacions i les veus més actives en el món de la Cultura Lliure i el Coneixement Lliure per a fixar agendes i estratègies comunes.

El Free Knowledge Institute co-organitza el Fòrum de Cultura Lliure i et convida a prendre part d'aquest moment històric i únic.


Free Culture Forum, Barcelona 29 Oct - 1 Nov

The International Forum on free culture and knowledge will take place from October 29 to November 1st 2009 in Barcelona. This event is a unique opportunity to bring together under the same roof the main organizations and active voices in the world of free culture and free knowledge; a meeting point to sit down and work together setting common agendas and strategies, and also to reflect, from a critical point of view, on the different views, dangers and contradictions of free culture.

2008-2009 Petition to stop software patents in Europe

We have signed the Stop Software Patents .eu petition to support their view on serious restrains current software patent legislations cause. "The patent system is misused to restrain competition for the economical benefit of a few but fails to promote innovation. A software market environment is better off with no patents on software at all.

Free as in free milk. Microsoft's business practices in developing countries

A first draft of this article has been sitting for months in my hard disk. I decided to finish it after reading that Microsoft will offer its operating system and office suite for $3 per machine to developing countries. That made me think of the way the giant software company “helps” these countries by giving licenses of its proprietary software almost for free, and that in turn made me think of free milk. Let me tell you about it.