• Primer meetup de La Comunificadora l’1 de desembre!

    El proper dijous 1 de desembre a les set del vespre el programa d’impuls La Comunificadora de Barcelona Activa obra les portes per explicar-se i rebre aportacions. Els protagonistes seran set dels quinze projectes d’economia col·laborativa orientada al procomú que en formen part.

  • Comunifiquemos la economía colaborativa!

    Desde la segunda semana de noviembre quince proyectos participan ya en el programa La Comunificadora de Barcelona Activa explorando la viabilidad de una economía colaborativa orientada al procomún, que contempla el impacto social y busca la forma de establecer relaciones justas entre los agentes que forman parte de ella. (Català-English)

  • Comunifiquem l’Economia Col·laborativa!

    Des de la segona setmana de novembre quinze projectes participen al programa La Comunificadora de Barcelona Activa explorant la viabilitat d’una economia col·laborativa orientada al procomú, que contempla l’impacte social i que busca la manera d’establir relacions justes entre els agents que en formen part. (Español-English)

  • Digital DIY Community Day Barcelona

    On 6 July 2016, the FKI, as a participant in the EC project on Digital DIY, organised a Digital DIY Community Day Barcelona, with the community of local and international makers, researchers, teachers and policymakers, together with Barcelona Activa and the City Hall's working group "Barcelona Colabora" (BarCola).

  • FKI assembles Legal Advisory Board to support the DiDIY Project

    One of the research tracks of the Digital DIY (DiDIY) Project is the one (Work Package 6) on DiDIY Legal Issues, Rights and Responsibilities. We are happy to announce that, in order to assist us in that activity, the DiDIY Project has specifically set up a DiDIY Legal Advisory Board (LAB). This is a honorary body of lawyers, legal scholars and experts who can be consulted for review of legal aspects related to the Digital DIY project and subject matter.

  • Open Source Circular Economy Days

    The OSCE Days have evolved in a powerful worldwide event, this year taking polace in more than 70 cities on all continents. The concept is powerful in that it reaches out to various different communities, strengthening relationships, understanding and forstering new collaborations. To name a few ccommunities or movements, it connects people from the Free Software movement (a.k.a. open source software),...

  • Commons Collaborative Economy

    The last days we celebrated the Commons Collaborative Economies conference in Barcelona, from 11-13 March 2016. An intense and fruitful experience, which the FKI helped co-organise as part of the Barcelona Col·labora working group with the City Council. Let's review briefly what we did and what the results are so far.