Enabling a culture of free knowledge we seek to contribute to global sustainability, as that is the greatest challenge of our time. Consequently the FKI is branching out into new domains selected on the basis of their pivotal place in solving sustainability challenges, with freedom as the core value and a a foundation of core knowledge and resources around free technologies.

Sustainability is broadly defined in terms of an integration of social, economic and environmental factors in securing the long term for future generations.

Starting small with a core team of four people and a collection of companions, advisors and volunteers, the FKI plans to expand organically as members of the growing community champion and drive their areas of interest. The FKI’s role is to support the emergent communities through natural life-cycles of communities of interest and communities of practice, while refining our methodologies of community development and peer production of libre knowledge resources.

The original, foundation focus areas (domains) of the FKI include:

New areas proposed for exploration include free knowledge in science, free/open hardware design, renewable energy and biodiversity.

The following list provides access to the areas in the FKI wiki that correspond to each domains:

Education :: free educational materials, tools and models
Software :: free/libre software
Standards :: open standards, free file specifications and formats
Hardware :: free hardware, open design, free and open manufacturing
Energy :: distributed, renewable energy sources
Science :: open access, open scientific data, peer review
Culture :: free culture, access to knowledge
Biodiversity (on hold until more people want to take this up)