From Free Software to Free Knowledge workshop at TNI

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A while ago David Jacovkis and myself did a workshop for and at the Trans National Institute (TNI) in Amsterdam. They are in the process of migrating to Free Software, as is completely logical for an NGO that advocates equality, democracy and participation.  Nevertheless a highlevel discussion about the concepts behind Free Software and their meaning for knowledge in general was very much demanded.

Aleksej organised the workshop internally, while David and I prepared a set of slides to discuss our favourite topics and walked the TNI staff through the main aspects of Free Software, copyleft, and discussed these concepts in the areas of Culture, Technology, Science and Education. We compared the monopolising effects of copyright, “all rights reserved” with the freedom, equality and cooperation values that are behind the copyleft, all rights reversed model.

Thanks to Belit the whole session has been filmed and with the great help of Albi the movie is converted to OGG Theora (the free, unencumbered video codec) and published at the Internet Archive. If you would like to see the session, check it out here:

Presentation slides (in ODF and other formats); Video (in OGG Theora) ; entry in the Internet Archive.

Below we have an embedded video player where you can see the video, BUT, be patient! the file is quite big so it takes time to get the video started (and you need to press the play button ;-)).