FTA Community Portal opens its doors

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The Free Technology Academy is happy to announce the new FTA Community Portal: an open space where anyone can participate in the Academy daily life and be a part of the FTA virtual community.

The FTA Community Portal is an inviting place for formal and informal learners, both enrolled and not enrolled users, teaching and research staff and external specialists to share knowledge, participate in informal learning networks and contribute to the development of materials around the main topic of Free Technologies. It brings together staff from partner organisations, learners enrolled in FTA courses, informal learners and other interested individuals and organisations. The FTA wishes to hear more voices and empower its community by enabling a space for participation where new ideas can emerge, new courses be designed and new contents be developed. Naturally, the CP is completely based on Free Software and is integrated in the FTA online campus.

The main activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Discuss and share knowledge about Free Software, Standards, Hardware, Data, Networks
  • Share knowledge about Free Software Policy making
  • Discuss about the FTA Study Programme and its campus
  • Create your own study groups and experiment alternative learning methodologies
  • Participate in the definition of a common Master Curriculum about Free Technologies
  • Suggest complementary courses
  • Get in touch with likeminded people from all over the world, from many different backgrounds

Everybody is cordially invited to check out the new FTA Community Portal:

  1. Register a free FTA campus account FTA campus account
  2. Go to the community frontpage and login
  3. Set up your profile, portfolio, include your rss feeds, microblogging services, follow your friends or contacts and check out the various tools

We hope to make the Community Portal a lively community space – it depends on your contributions!