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Several projects in various areas are in the making. A couple of them are presented here:

Building Free Technology Master Programmes together

Together with a group of universities, public and private organisations, the Free Knowledge Institute is working on the set up of a common framework for building master programmes on Free Technology.

Free Technology in vocational education in the Netherlands

Initiated by the Free Knowledge Institute, Ecabo and Vocational Education centre ROC Mondriaan, more than 20 representatives from some of the key institutes for VET and Higher education (MBO and HBO in Dutch), from government and several companies specialised in GNU/Linux certification and training came together to discuss the role of free technologies in vocational education in the Netherlands. An integral plan is being worked on of which a Dutch abstract can be found here.


Free Technology for civil servants in the Netherlands

The Free Knowledge Institute is working on a plan to support the Dutch action plan Netherlands Open in Connection and facilitate civil servants to understand and use free technologies. Read the abstract in Dutch.