The Free Knowledge Institute participates in “Digital DIY” Project

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Digital Do It Yourself (DiDIY) is a new socio-technological phenomenon, centered around digital devices that support, often through open online communities, the convergence of “atoms” and “bits”.

The DiDIY Research Project, which addresses the Horizon 2020 call for a “Human-centric Digital Age”, is studying how DiDIY and the increasing social adoption of ABC devices are:

  • reshaping organization, work, education, research and creative design
  • impacting on creative society,
  • influencing legal systems,
  • changing ethics

The Free Knowledge Institute (FKI) is one of the seven partners of the international Consortium, that will carry on this research, whose purpose is to produce well-grounded models and guidelines to support both education and policy making on DiDIY.

FKI, which participates mostly with W. Tebbens and M. Fioretti, will lead the Project Work Packages 6 and 8, whose subjects are:

and participate, to various degrees, in all the other Work Packages of the Project. Part of the work will consist of developing and offering, within the Project, online courses and other open educational resources, building on the experience of the Free Technology Academy. More details about the goals of the Project are in its first Press Release.