Open Source Circular Economy Days

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The OSCE Days have evolved in a powerful worldwide event, this year taking polace in more than 70 cities on all continents. The concept is powerful in that it reaches out to various different communities, strengthening relationships, understanding and forstering new collaborations. To name a few ccommunities or movements, it connects people from the Free Software movement (a.k.a. open source software), Open Source Hardware, Fair trade and ecological responsible consumption, the collaborative / sharing economy with Circular Economy and repair-reuse-recycling-reduce movements. A connecting dot is the awareness that we need to change our production – consumption behaviour to remain as a living organism at this planet. Do-It-With-Others, self-organisation, co-creation and sharing knowledge is a culture that we share through these different movents.

In Barcelona, the Free Knowledge Institute is supporting the local events. All is self-organised, but we help in organising the main day, on June 11th.

Follow the links in Spanish and Catalan mainly of the local events.

Find article in Spanish on Goteo’s blog: “Por la circularidad‚Ķ tambi√©n la del conocimiento”