The OXCARS – excelence means sharing

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Friends in Spain are preparing the “first international culture Awards in the digital age.” Conservas and EXGAE (a play on the Spanish collectors society SGAE, which it so much opposes) organise the OXCARS free culture event to reclaim our cultural works. Let me copy from their site:

Times have changed. The Internet allows information and culture to be exchanged horizontally among all citizens, and now our means of cultural production have to adapt to this new democracy – not the other way around.

Because free and collaborative culture is the Culture of our time, because it’s a fact, because there’s no turning back….

EXGAE & Conservas present:

The awards that will sweep the Grammys, the Goyas, the Max…
The 1st non-competitive awards in the history of Culture…
The 1st international Culture awards in the digital society…

eXcellence is sharing

Sala Apolo- Barcelona
October 28, at 5pm

12 hours of free culture, non-stop

In July the EXGAE manifesto was published, against greed: GREED BREAKS THE SACK IN FAVOUR OF A FREE CULTURE OF CITIZENS WHO SHARE: 7 solutions/ facts plus one. A citizen response to the recent attacks on freedoms in the name of an incoherent concept that carries the name “intellectual property”.

Here is the full programme in English for the OXCARS. See the video announcement: in OGG Theora, or other formats (.mov, .avi).