The following materials are relevant to our vision of free knowledge:

  • Smart City Barcelona Commons Report, for the Barcelona City Council, by Wouter Tebbens, May 2016. Commissioned in early 2016, the report diagnoses the main problems, objectives and actions in the following areas: software, telecommunications networks, physical products (for example of makers and open design, R&D centres, and circular economy), collaborative consumption, and commerce, energy and mobility. It upholds the common good and citizen empowerment through technology and accordingly focuses on projects related to free/open/common goods, and the collaborative, social and solidarity economy.
  • Smart City Expo World Congress 2016 (SCEWC) technical committee of experts. The work included evaluating and selecting papers for Congress presentation, as part of a committee of experts working in the thematic areas covered by the World Congress. The SCEWC is the global summit for smart cities organised by Fira de Barcelona.
  • Free as in free milk, published in, by David Jacovkis, August 2007.
  • Nonfree software at schools, published in Dutch in Trouw, by Wouter Tebbens, March 2007.
  • Dangers of copyright in the digital era, published in Spanish in La Vanguardia, by Wouter Tebbens, June 2007.
  • Freedom to share knowledge, presented in Online Observatory for Cybersociety Congress 2006, by Wouter Tebbens, November 2006.
  • Extremadura: building the Information Society (almost) from scratch. A case study on the Spanish region of Extremadura, available in English and Dutch. November 2006.
  • The Knowledge Society from a freedom centred perspective. Conference paper presented in the Free Culture Research Conference 2010 in Berlin. Available in English (PDF: 179 Kb). Presentation slides (PDF: 1,39 MB).