Sustainable Fabrication

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On March 7th I was invited to present my vision on sustainable fabrication in a course cycle organised by the cooperative Tarpuna and the Ateneus de Fabricació in Barcelona. The course cycle was focused on sustainable and social fabrication, citizen empowerment and circular economy.

We had some very interesting speakers, like Adrian Smith, from University of Sussex, who I wanted to meet up with (and did spend the whole day with). Adrian is professor and researcher of Technology and Society; his specialisation is grassroots innovation and the politics of technology.

Barbara Koole, from the Cities Foundation of Amsterdam, presented their Wasted Lab, an initiative to encourage the circular economy with technology and social tools like a dedicated social currency.

My presentation was titled “Collaborative construction of informational and material goods”, and we dived in the heart of the knowledge society. Ho can we move away from the privatised knowledge and technology towards a true collaborative and sharing economy, of these important concepts and applications.

I leave you with the slides and thank the organisers and participants of this wonderful course cycle.