In a broad sense, technology is the usage and knowledge of tools and crafts applied to modifying and adapting our environment. It is indeed one of the defining qualities of human beings, and one of the parameters we use to compare the level of progress of different civilisations.

Technological knowledge provides some of the most evident proofs of the importance of sharing knowledge. The history of technology is made of incremental inventions, of artisans, technicians and inventors that build upon previous knowledge. From the simplest tools to the most sophisticated devices, from the wheel and the lever to the microchip and the space shuttle, virtually all human inventions have benefited from the knowledge built up in previous generations.

We see in technology, and very specially in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), a double interest for the goals of the FKI. On one hand, technology constitutes a form of knowledge that can highly benefit from the sharing and exchange of ideas. On the other hand, technology –and specially ICT– is a necessary tool in the information society.

The Free Knowledge Institute develops activities in the following technology-related areas:

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