The SELF project was an international project that developed a blueprint and prototype of a platform for the collaborative sharing and construction of open educational resources and training materials about Free Software and Open Standards. The acronym SELF stands for Science, Education and Learning in Freedom. The platform design has built in mechanisms for the evaluation, adaptation, creation and translation of these materials and was inspired in the peer production model of Wikipedia, but with several innovative additions designed for the collaborative construction of educational materials. The project received funding between 2006 and 2008 from the EC’s IST Programme, part of the Sixth Framework R&D Programme.

Introductory notes on the platform, keynote slides, definitions developed and used for Free Educational Material, Open Standards, Free Software.

Here follow the main deliverable reports, as they were originally published at the website:

  • D1 – Overview of Materials, Organisations and Gap Analysis (Workpackage 2)
  • D2 – Learning content standards and guidelines (Workpackage 3)
  • D3 – SELF Legal Policy (Workpackage 4)
  • D4 – SELF Platform definition: Navigational Structure and functional requirements (Workpackage 5)
  • D5 – SELF Platform Development: System design and representation and beta release (Workpackage 6)
  • D6 – SELF Platform Development: localised and tested system (Workpackage 6)
  • D7 – Initial information, educational and training material on the SELF platform (Workpackage 7)
  • D8 – Quality Assessment procedures and mechanisms (Work Package 8)
  • D9 – SELF Communication Strategy (Workpackage 9)
  • D10 – SELF Constitution (Workpackage 10)