Wouter Tebbens is co-founder and currently serves as president of the Free Knowledge Institute and is part of its Barcelona team. He is currently working on the start of a platform cooperative to foster digital commons projects. He is initiator of The Things Network in Catalonia. He ideated and co-produced the Comunificadora commons-oriented collaborative economy support programme in Barcelona.

He was coordinator of the European Commission’s FP6-funded SELF Project (Science, Education & Learning in Freedom) to design a platform for the collaborative construction of educational materials. Later he directed the creation of the Free Technology Academy (a project from the EC’s Lifelong Learning Programme).

Wouter graduated as a Master’s degree in Science in Production and Operations Management from the University of Twente (The Netherlands) and has worked in multinational, medium-sized and small companies in Europe and Latin America. After the dotcom crisis he started his own open source webservices company in Barcelona and later Amsterdam.

In parallel he has been working as activist through various organisations to promote digital rights, technological sovereighnty and human freedoms. He has actively contributed to transformative, open platform cooperatives in areas such as renewable energy (Som Energia), telecommunications (Eticom-Som Connexió) and mobility (Som Mobilitat).